Our booklet listing Volition members (warning: large file, pdf 7MB), with a brief description of what each organisation does, was updated in May 2015.

See the Members section of the website for the most up-to-date list. If you would like a printed copy of the booklet, please get in touch.

Leeds Sustainability and Transformation Plan: Forum Central held an event for the third sector heath and social care network in August 2016, to discuss workforce issues (Word 27 KB) and data issues (Word 20 KB) to feed into the STP. Forum Central produced a briefing in July 2016 on the STP (Word 40KB).

Leeds Mental Health Framework: At a Volition event in March 2016, Jane Williams, Mental Health Commissioner at Leeds North CCG, gave a presentation covering priorities (Powerpoint 2 MB) and update on the implementation of the mental health framework (Powerpoint 700KB).

Crisis workshop 10th May 2016: Presentations are available from Jeanette Lawson, Leeds North CCG (Powerpoint 160KB) and Leeds Involving People (Powerpoint 166KB), plus a report from Together We Can at Leeds Involving People (pdf 207KB).

The Value and Impact of the Third Sector in Leeds (pdf 480KB) was published by Leeds Third Sector Partnership in Jan 2016. It is a guide to the third sector in Leeds and an analysis of the contribution it makes to the City and its key priorities.

A leaflet listing third sector talking therapy services in Leeds (pdf 160KB) was updated in October 2013.

A report about Volition members’ use of social media (pdf 1.53MB) was published in February 2014.

Write up of Strengthening Partnerships conversations Nov 2013 at Northern Ballet (pdf 818Kb), an joint event organised by Volition and Leeds & York Partnerships Foundation Trust.

The Report on Rehabilitation Pathways Mapping (pdf, 300 KB) was produced by Volition and Leeds & York Partnerships Foundation Trust in Feb 2012. It is based on research carried out by Volition & LYPFT that tracked individuals’ pathways and gathered views of stakeholders. It highlights the complexity and individuality of people who go through LYPFT services, but also the way in which frequent moves and short term services and expectations may impact on their mental health as well as housing.

Clinical Commissioning Group in Leeds have now each published their strategies in line with the citywide health and Wellbeing Board priorities. Leeds West CCG held a stakeholder event in June 2013 at which the priority areas were outlined in a presentation (Powerpoint 1MB).
Go to the Links section for links to all the CCGs’ websites.

Leeds Adult Social Care (ASC) launched the Market Position Statement (pdf 711 KB) in March 2012. It presents information on current and forecasted supply of and demand for social care support. It is a key tool for to help commissioners and service providers plan for the future. A workshop took place with providers in June 2013 at which providers contributed to developing the 2013 Market Position Statement.

ASC published a paper on eligibility criteria in mental health services (pdf 300KB) in November 2013.

Leeds Mental Health Needs Assessment was published in May 2011 (pdf 4MB).

Closing the Gap – Service needs and prohibitions to access (PDF, 3.6MB) A 2010 study into the mental health needs and barriers to using services among the lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) population in Leeds. The research focuses on issues of self harm, suicidal ideation and attempted suicide. The report makes recommendations for service providers.

Top Tips for Working with Trans People (pdf 480KB) was produced by TransBareAll for the West Yorkshire Trans Equality Project in Nov 2013.


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