Volition has developed a structure of third sector representation across the city. Representatives come from Volition’s members and the Volition team. The aims are to:

  • promote the interests of the mental health third sector with decision makers
  • keep the sector informed of developments and decisions of which they can and should be a part.

A representative volunteers, usually on invitation by Volition, to:

  • attend the regular meetings of a specific group or committee in Leeds on behalf of the members of Volition
  • represent and respond to the interests and issues of the members
  • feed information from meetings back to members
  • make contact with other representatives to keep up to date with developments.

The following is a list of representatives, this can change as new groups start meeting while other projects finish.

If you are interested in being a Volition representative, and work for one of Volition’s member organisations, please get in touch.

Citywide strategic mental health groups

Mental Health Partnership GroupAnt HanlonVolition Chair
Suicide Prevention Strategy Group
Self Harm Strategy Group
Fiona VennerLeeds Survivor Led Crisis Service
Dual Diagnosis Strategy GroupAnn SunterSt Anne's
Dual Diagnosis Working GroupKaren PearseSt Anne's
Accommodation Board
Accomodation GatewayHazel BurleighCommunity Links
Leeds Integrated Dementia Strategy BoardPeter RuickbieAlzheimer's Society
Other Strategic Mental Health GroupsNameOrganisation
Provider Partnership 'hot topics' groupHannah Howe, Mark Lee, Arfan Hanif, Paul Wright, Andy WardVolition
Community Links
Provider Partnership with LYPFTmanyvia Volition

Citywide strategic health and social care groups

Better Lives Leeds BoardHannah HoweVolition
HealthWatch Board

Citywide strategic groups, not mental health specific

Third Sector Leeds Leadership GroupKath LindleyTenfold
Third Sector Partnership Group

The voluntary sector is also represented in the broader health and social care arena through the Healthy Lives Leeds representatives some of whom are from Volition member organisations, and in the wider Leeds strategic arena by Third Sector Leeds

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