PSI Network

PSI Network logo smallThe Physical and Sensory Impairment (PSI) Network supports third sector organisations that work to improve the lives of disabled people in Leeds.

The PSI Network became an independent Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in March 2016, so that it could be an equal partner in Forum Central along with Leeds Older People’s Forum, Tenfold and Volition.

More information about how the PSI Network CIO currently (Dec 2016) operates can be downloaded here (Word 25KB).

The aims of the PSI Network CIO are

  • To promote the social model of disability, and the inclusion, independence and equality of disabled people within service provision. We’d like see more disabled people involved in organisations and management of those organisations.
  • To develop a network of community and third sector groups of disabled people with physical and sensory impairments, and of groups/organisations providing services for disabled people.
  • To co-ordinate third sector involvement in physical and sensory impairment issues throughout Leeds.
  • To provide information for and about the sector.

Join the PSI Network CIO

Third sector organisations in Leeds who work with and support disabled people with physical and sensory impairments* and who support these aims are invited to join the network.

Download and fill in the application form (Word 35 KB) and send it back to Gill Crawshaw – details below.

Current members are listed here:

The PSI Network held our first meeting as a CIO on 6th June 2016. Notes from the discussions are available here (Word 30KB) and from Adult Social Care Commissioning Manager Sinead Cregan’s presentation here (Word 17KB).

The PSI Network and Tenfold held a meeting on 7th Sept 2016 so that members could feed in to West Yorkshire and Leeds consultations about public transport. The notes from the meeting are available here (Word 43KB).

The PSI Network CIO held its first AGM on 22nd March 2017. The Trustees’ Report (Word 55 KB) covering the previous year’s work was presented.

For more information about the PSI Network CIO, please contact Gill Crawshaw:
tel: 0113 242 1321
Twitter: @MyForumCentral

*Physical and sensory impairments include mobility impairments, long term physical conditions, hearing and visual impairments.

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