Connecting Society Community Conversation 28 April

Every year Business in the Community (BITC) celebrates the connections made between businesses and communities during “Responsible Business Week”. The highlight of the week will be a showcase of good examples of employee volunteering on Friday 28th April. On this day, BITC will be organising Community Conversations in various locations around the UK, including Leeds.

Community Conversations bring together local businesses, community organisations and government representatives to explore the issues affecting their communities and how they can build a connected society together; sharing knowledge and skills to address key social challenges.

The event in Leeds is on Friday 28th April from 9.00am until 12.00pm and will be held at The Hillside Enterprise Centre, LS11 8ND.

The session on “community challenge” is open to all voluntary sector groups to raise a current issue/challenge they are facing. Please can you consider one in advance of the event and be prepared to discuss it on the day.

For more information and to book a place, go to

or contact Karen Beckford, Business Connector South Leeds:

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