All change on the news and information front

How you get news and information from us is changing. Volition is part of Forum Central, and we are now posting news, events and jobs on the Forum Central website.

The Forum Central website now has a weekly e-bulletin (email newsletter), which comes out on Wednesday mornings. It covers a broad range of events and information from across health and social care.

You might have already seen the first Forum Central e-bulletin on 24 May. If not, you can sign up to receive future ones here.

Old website
We have now stopped posting new items on the Volition website. This means that there is no news to fill the Volition e-bulletin. We will be stopping the Volition e-bulletin after Tuesday 30 May 2017.

Don’t worry! The Forum Central website will have all the news, events and jobs you can possibly need – and more.

Forum Central is the third sector health and social care network for Leeds, with specialisms of mental health, learning disability, older people and physical and sensory impairment. The website and e-bulletin are full of more news than you can shake a stick at.

Sending us your news, events and jobs
Volition member organisations are automatically members of Forum Central, so you can still send us things to post on the website.

Non-members are also welcome – we post news, events, and occasionally jobs, which are relevant to the health and care third sector in Leeds.

If you have anything that you wish to be considered for putting on the website and in the e-bulletin please email it to

New e-bulletin
Like the Volition e-bulletin, the Forum Central one uses MailChimp. This means you can manage your subscription to it. The e-bulletin will fly into your inbox on Wednesday mornings. All the content is generated from the Forum Central website, which is regularly updated.

And social media!
Website content is also put on to the Forum Central Twitter feed and Facebook pages. This means that if you follow Forum Central on social media you will get regular updates on what’s happening in health and social care both locally and nationally.

Because the content gets generated from the Forum Central website, anything you send us for inclusion will be placed on the website as well as appearing in the bulletin so you get double the exposure!

So please visit the new website. We would love to hear what you think about it!

Gill, Gillian and Hannah

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